Closing the
Racial Wealth Gap

We educate, empower, and enable entrepreneurs and investors of Color

iCUE Vision & Mission

To foster a self-sustaining ecosystem to close the racial wealth gap.
We educate, empower and enable diverse investors and entrepreneuers.

The Situtation

Driven by investors and entrepreneurs, the U.S. economy continues to grow and evolve by leveraging new and innovative technologies that creates jobs, increases incomes, and produces wealth.

For many generations, entrepreneurs and investors of color have been excluded from participating in the innovation economy.

The Challenge

This exclusion of people of color has led to a massive and on-going structural wealth and income inequality that continues to persist.

As a result, white families have nearly 10 times the net worth of Black families and 7 times the net worth of Latino families.

Where’s The Gap
In The Innovation Economy?

Entrepreneurship programs are well established and designed to create jobs and business ownership.

However, there are few initiatives focused on cultivating diverse investors.

The Solution

Cultivate a diverse investor class.

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We offer educational resources and access to experienced advisors to help accelerate the learning curve for entrepreneurs and investors.


Investing Overview


Introduction to Early-stage Investing


Sourcing and Vetting Deals


Due Diligence




Term Sheets

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How To Support

Your Financial Support Will Enable the Scaling of:


Investor Education


Best practices in identifying and closing the racial wealth gap


Self-sustaining model to fund operations over time.

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