For generations, urban communities have been structurally shut out of upwardly mobile opportunities. iCUE was established to create a solution to this issue within the innovation economy.
Heath Butler


Entrepreneurship is a rewarding yet difficult journey requiring support from a variety of resources, many of which are limited or not easily accessible for entrepreneurs of color. In the same vain, investors of color historically have not had access to high quality alternative investment opportunities in innovation ecosystems. iCUE was created to grow the amount of successful entrepreneurs and investors of color within urban communities. We understand entrepreneurship is the backbone to closing the innovation, income, and wealth gaps that prevent urban communities from thriving economically. We’ve set out to educate, empower, and empower entrepreneurs and investors of color in effort to make a meaningful impact.

iCUE’s founders have each carved their own unique path in becoming successful entrepreneurs and investors. We are intimately familiar with the challenges of starting our own businesses and investing in others’ businesses. We share many of the experiences with the entrepreneurs and investors we support. Through our collective experiences we’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge, established invaluable relationships, and formalized strategic partnerships that we are leveraging to elevate the entrepreneurs and investors in our community and nation.

Help us break the barriers and elevate urban communities across the country. Together we can forge a brighter future.

Elevator Fund Management Group

Urban Capital Network (UCN) is an investment group that provides premium access to exclusive investment opportunities. UCN’s vision is to leverage capitalism to change the trajectory of the socio-economic trends within urban communities across the country. UCN donates a portion of the company’s earnings to the iCUE Elevator Fund.

Meet Our Board Members

Heath Butler